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Reports: Bill Gates to meet with Chinese President

Bill Gates and Chinese President Xi Jinping during their last meeting in Hainan Province on March 29, 2015. Photo Courtesy: People’s Republic of China

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is in China where he’ll reportedly have a rare meeting with President XI Jinping.

“This is very unusual because XI himself has not been in the habit of meeting with private sector entrepreneurs” John Logan, a professor of labor and employment at San Francisco State, says that includes Tesla’s Elon Musk and Apples Tim Cook, “When Musk and Cook visited China recently, they met with lower-level Chinese officials.  So, this meeting really stands out.”

Geekwire reports three sources have confirmed the  meeting.  But in Tweet, the tech pioneer and turned philanthropist, mentions only his focus on global health and the challenges facing the Gates Foundation.

“Gates himself has a long history of speaking out in praise of free trade with China” Logan says, “Recognizing China’s really important role in semi-conductors.”

Despite the tensions between the White House and Beijing, business leaders are feeling more comfortable about going to China and reestablishing relationships in the wake of the pandemic.  

“It’s almost impossible not to deal with China” Logan is quick to point out “these business leaders have been very keen to reconnect and establish a positive relationship with China; and (they’ve) probably have breathed a sigh of relief that theye feel free to go over there.”

The last meeting between President Xi Jinping and Bill Gates reportedly took place in 2015.  

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