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Northwest Newsradio’s Brian Calvert introduces us to ‘Paths to Understanding’

Tensions are once again running high as another election approaches.
Northwest Newsradio’s Brian Calvert introduces us to one group working to bridge a great divide.
Pastor Terry Kyllo wondered, like many others, what divides us?  Is it politics?  Is it faith traditions?  Cultural practices?  Could it be all of the above? The goal: To address that type of dehumanization as he began his work with the non-profit group Paths to Understanding. His hunger to understand what divides us continued to grow. A few years into this journey, the pastor would leave his regular church duties to pursue this full time.  He met with leaders of other faiths, and he began to see part of what divides us.  So how did he and the group Paths to Understand begin to solve this?  A huge leap of faith, outside of faith. And he asked each of these groups what they would propose in order to come together.

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